Best strategy to boost your ROI with cold email outreach

When companies look to gain profit or prospective clients, there are two primary keys: inbound marketing and outbound marketing. Outbound marketing, on the other hand, is considered the “traditional type of marketing.” The tried and tested solution. Outbound marketing includes door-to-door salespeople, cold calling, and cold email outreach.
Cold email outreach, the most recent outbound marketing method, involves compiling a list of potential clients and then sending a sample email to that list. It’s the wide net that’s used to grab B2B clients. When you send out a large number of emails, you anticipate that only a tiny percentage will reply. From these responses, your sales team is the muscle that reels them in to become clients.

Cold Outreach

Cold outreach is a cost-effective and efficient way to get more customers for your company. Cold outreach has traditionally consisted of calling someone to ask if they want to buy the product; more recent cold outreachers have used email to contact customers. The most recent cold outreach platforms include social media. However, it no longer depends on a single method of outreach. Prospecting is increasingly using the triple touch method, which involves a phone, email, and social media, with chat and AI bots expected to follow soon. 33 percent of cold emails receive a neutral or slightly positive response from recipients. This percentage is exceptionally high when you realize that telemarketers (another form of cold outbound marketing) receive a 94 percent negative to a somewhat negative response. Outbound email works because the end-user has control. The subject line and initial information help to distinguish between essential and irrelevant data. This is precisely what you want. Businesses are attempting to attract B2B clients aware that most companies would not need their services. The aim is to find those who do.

Compelling reasons to join the cold outreach.

  • Based on cold outreach, 75% of executives surveyed are able to arrange an appointment.
  • It’s basically free.
  • In the previous 12 months, 69 percent of customers answered a call from a new salesperson.
  • Modern automation systems take care of 90% of the work; all you have to do is hold your finger on the trigger.
  • The entire procedure can be scaled up or down depending on the size of your business.

Get started with cold outreach

  1. Build a list: There are two ways to do that: Manually hand-pick the best prospects using email finder tools like Name2Email. Use trusted B2B databases like ZoomInfo or Uplead for bulk contact extraction.
  2. Ensure proper tech setup – This involves email domain warm-up, authentication, and deliverability checking to ensure that your messages enter the inboxes of your prospects and are not marked as spam. Additionally, using outreach automation software (such as Reply) to streamline the process is a brilliant idea. Craft a perfect message – Once you’ve set up your infrastructure, you can start working on your pitch (we’ll get to that later). Don’t forget about the follow-ups as well!
  3. Pick the right timing: It’s also crucial to choose the best day and time for each phase in your outreach strategy. Start with the tried-and-true “mid-week, mid-day” strategy, or get adventurous and try out various timing options to see what works best for your audience.

Here’s the best cold outreaching tools:


Klenty is a sales engagement tool that allows sales teams to send customized emails and automated follow-ups to prospects at scale. You can use Klenty to automate all of the routine tasks in your sales process, such as sending cold emails, follow-ups, and monitoring interaction metrics, so you can spend more time on activities like developing relationships and closing deals.


Woodpecker is a cola outreach platform that supports B2B businesses in developing and sustaining beneficial business relationships. It decreases the time spent reaching out to ideal customers and business partners and transforming them into long-term relationships. Set up automatic emails and follow-ups to free the mind from mundane work activities.


Outplay uses various platforms to communicate, including email, SMS, LinkedIn, and Twitter. The aim is to strengthen sales processes and relationships with prospects to turn them into happy customers. A dialer for making calls from inside the browser, integrating with chatbots, and productivity tools are among the features.


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