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USPs Get Localized Keywords, Long-tail keyword research, The most accurate keyword difficulty
Deployment Type IOS, Windows
Price Plans $129/month, $49/Month, $69/month

KWFinder allows you to easily and quickly find long-tail keywords with low SEO difficulty, so you know what to rank for and how to plan your SEO strategy.








G2 – 4.4/5


Capterra – 4.5/5


TrustRadius – 4.3/5

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Product is rated as #1 in category Keyword finder
You will get: Accurate and reliable data Useful and user-friendly Google Chrome extension
KWFinder Features

  • Most Accurate Keyword Difficulty
  • Local SERP with 50000+ Locations
  • Bulk Keywords Import
  • Complete SERP Analysis
  • Embedded Google Suggest Keyword Finder
  • Find Hidden Long Tail Keywords

About KWFinder

With KW Finder, it’s easy to find keywords with high search volume and low SEO difficulty. You can view search volumes with historical data, see what your competitors are ranking for, and do local keyword research and SERP analysis, along with many other features. There are thousands of potential keyword ideas, and you can start with a free trial.

Boost Your SEO With KWFinder

KWFinder has a variety of features and benefits that can assist you in conducting efficient keyword research for your website.

  • Search Volume & Metrics: – The goal of ranking for keywords is to be shown as a suggested result to searchers, so make sure you’re targeting relevant phrases typed into search engines. KWFinder displays statistics that reveal the monthly search volume for each keyword or its close variants, as well as search trends from the last 12 months, allowing you to determine whether the keyword is being searched.
  • Related Keywords: – When you use KWFinder to search for a keyword, it will display statistics for that keyword and additional related keywords. This is extremely useful since you may believe you’ve chosen a great keyword to target. Still, there may be other similar keywords that either has higher monthly search traffic or are easier to rank for that you hadn’t considered.
  • SEO Difficulty: – You may get real-time keyword difficulty by analyzing the page authority, domain authority, external links that go to your page, and social signals from networks like Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus with this function. This feature assists you in determining the keywords that will help you rank higher on Google’s first pages based on your authority level.
  • Hidden Keywords: – This tool allowed you to identify hundreds of potentially useful keywords that your competitors are missing, as well as an opportunity score for each one.
  • Local SEO: – KWFinder offers the ability to receive localised keyword results to better your niche performance. The platform will provide you with precise total search volume, local analytics, and precise language results based on your location.
  • KWFinder also allows you to organise and manage your keyword lists, export and import keywords in bulk, filter out unprofitable keywords, search for new terms using the Google Suggests algorithm, and run a SERP analysis.

    When you start searching for keywords, the tool presents you with three options:

  • Suggestions – Suggestions are based on a keyword database and a knowledge-based algorithm.
  • Autocomplete — a feature that uses the main seed keyword to create additional related keywords.
  • Questions – this option adds to the main keyword by including question words that consumers may type into the search engine.
  • KWFinder Pricing

    Pricing plans start at $29.90 per month. Subsequent options are priced at $39.90 and $79.90.

    KWFinder Competitors and Alternatives

    There are other alternatives also for KW Finder that are similar in features and benefits. Explore some of the best and affordable substitutes that could cater to your need for a keyword research tool.

    • SEMrush
    • Accu Ranker
    • Serpstat
    • Webceo
    • SE Ranking
    • SERP Checker
    • SERP Watcher
    • Siteprofiler

    9.4Expert Score
    KWFinder allows you to easily and quickly find long-tail keywords with low SEO difficulty, so you know what to rank for and how to plan your SEO strategy.
    • Accurate and reliable data
    • Useful and user-friendly Google Chrome extension
    • Occasional issues uploading data

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    1. Evelyn

      Kwfinder is by far the most standard tool in for keyword research toolbox. That's not to say the others are really not challenging to use; it's just that this one is the most straightforward. If you aren't concerned with your site's SEO, then SEO research and a keyword like this might not be for you, but I feel that every business with a website should be concerned with SEO, so a tool like this is a useful tool to have.

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    2. Amelia Smith

      I have no prior experience with SEO and am completely self-taught. My website caters to a specific market and is a side project for me, therefore it is not my major focus. KWFinder was great for simple explanations of why things mattered (i.e. CPC, KD), and it's free to try. Also, if I had a query, I received a very speedy email chat response (always lovely.) I can't speak to how excellent this is for someone more accomplished in the field and it's been ideal for a little, low-budget project as well.

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    3. Henry

      KWFinder is one of the keyword research tools that I use on a regular basis. The convenience of researching keywords for any form of SEO campaign - whether it's keywords for blog articles or initial keyword research for your business site - is one of the business challenges it solves.

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      KWfinder Reviews, Pricing and Alternatives
      KWfinder Reviews, Pricing and Alternatives


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