Generate a unique article in 20 minutes!

Do you know how many pieces of content you need to create a successful organic presence within a year if you are a digital business?

Let’s calculate

1 blog every alternative day, which is 180 blogs in a year.
15 backlinking articles in a month, which is 180 articles in a year.
Content is very costly and you won’t be effective with your digital strategy if you don’t know the right growth hacks to create bulk items.

Here is how you can create a blog in just 20 minutes

Generating the blog mainly is done in 3 steps which are made easy with the help of these tools-

1. Frase

Outlining is a crucial part of writing an article. You should thoroughly outline your article before writing the first word as it gives you an idea of how your piece will be structured. Frase is a versatile tool that enables you to curate content from the web according to your specifications. Simply enter a keyword in the Frase search bar, and it will return the top 20 results for that keyword, including questions asked on Quora, Reddit, and other platforms. It not only provides you with an outline of the current page, but it will also offer you an overview of all pages that rank for that keyword. The outline is done by the tool itself. Frase assists you in constructing an outline by displaying common pages rated for the keyword and allowing you to choose particular sections.

2. Quilbot

Once your article is ready from frase, rephrase your article using Quilbot. Quilbot is one of the best phrasing tool. You can get a variety of rephrased sentences.

3. Proofreading

Once the editing is done, run the blog on Grammarly and check the errors and enhancements needed. Make sure your blog is error-free! Everyone talks about creating content in this digital age, but no one teaches you how to do it effectively. Although producing content is not easy, tools such as Frase, Quilbot, and Grammarly assist in creating impactful blogs and growing website traffic.
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