Top 10 Paraphrasing Tools in 2023 for Content Creation (Updated)

What is a Paraphrasing tool?

Just as the name suggests, a paraphrasing tool paraphrases a given document and produces text that does not hinder the original one’s meaning. It is a kind of rewriter that uses the existing content to create new and revised versions of it. It is designed to replace specific words, phrases, sentences, and even entire lengths of paragraphs with numerous alternate versions of the content without changing the overall meaning of the text. A paraphrasing tool provides a slightly different variation of the earlier document with each rephrasing. The tool is designed to make sure that the changing of words and phrases doesn’t affect or alter the text’s meaning.

The purpose of such software or a tool is to generate new versions of the previously written texts. These may be blogs, articles, essays, or any other textual material, for that matter. You can rephrase any given text from line-to-line and word-to-word using such a tool.The development of these paraphrasing tools has been done with specialized technology that enables the rephrasing of the content with utmost clarity.

What should you look at while choosing a paraphrasing tool?

The choice of the best paraphrasing tool rests upon the individual who is doing the editing work. A major factor that determines the best tool to be used for a certain task is the requirement of the task itself. Different tools suit different tasks such as editing blogs, rephrasing sentences, or regenerating a whole thesis. The way the tool works, whether it’s easy to use or not, whether the result is satisfying or not are also some other factors to be looked at. So, here are the top 10 paraphrasing tools of 2023 if you are looking for one –


Spin Rewriter was launched way back in 2011, making it the most experienced paraphrasing tool on this list which is available to users to paraphrase online. The launch of its latest version makes this tool exceptionally efficient and better. Merged with the Emulated Natural Learning (ENL) technology, the Spin Writer helps the software generate content that matches the quality of content written by an actual human. The Spin Rewriter is the only paraphrasing tool available on the internet today that comes infused with such advanced technology for better results.

Why should you choose Spin Rewriter?

  • The ENL technology aids the Spin Rewriter software to understand the overall idea and meaning of the original content. It then paraphrases the text for the additional convenience of the user.
  • The tool offers the flexibility to rephrase as many articles as the user desires all at once through its bulk paraphrasing feature. It can paraphrase articles for up to 1,000 articles simultaneously, saving time and effort.
  • The users also have access to a stock photo integration feature. It is a unique option available in this software. This feature enables the users to integrate relevant images to the rephrased content automatically.
  • This rephrase tool can be used on any device with an internet connection, such as a desktop, laptop, tablet, or cell phone.

How much does Spin Rewriter cost?

The Spin Rewriter tool offers a 5-day free trial for users who want to subscribe to the yearly plan. All the subscription plans of the tool offer full access to all the features of the tool. Moreover, it has a lifetime subscription plan that is a good deal.


Quillbot is a very reliable paraphrasing tool available on the internet today. Users can rewrite any sentence, paragraph, or article using this tool. It has a straightforward and easy-to-use platform designed for the convenience of its users. This tool helps users to write better, faster, and clearer. It offers a very distinctive feature – it has 5 different AI-writing modes. Quillbot is trusted by millions of users on the internet today. It is safe and reliable in terms of plagiarism detection as compared to other platforms. The best feature of this tool is that it paraphrases sentence sequence along with the words.

Why should you choose Quillbot?

If you are looking for a free and easy to use paraphrasing tool, Quillbot is a very good option. Here are a few reasons as to why you should use it

  • It excels in paraphrasing content as compared to other platforms. It works by automatically removing, adding, and modifying words to create new paraphrased content.
  • It will help you paraphrase online and create content that is fairly unique, of good quality and value. 
  • It will generate some valuable text that will be churned up for you in less than a minute.
  • The best thing about Quillbot is that it has this option to ‘requill,’ which eliminates the need to enter a captcha every time you have to rephrase the content. This helps in saving a lot of time and repetitive effort.
  • It uses its native AI to fuel the paraphrasing process. Consequently, this ensures that you get to paraphrase your article on the sentence or paragraph level. 
  • For students looking to paraphrase their school homework or essays or for scholars who are desiring to paraphrase any thesis, there is no better option than Quillbot. It is the ultimate paraphrasing tool that they will need.

Drawbacks of using Quillbot

Quillbot may be a very functional tool, but it comes with a couple of drawbacks. Sometimes you may get poorly paraphrased sentences, and other times you may obtain some very slight amendments only. You may sometimes require to rework an article multiple times, but the result will definitely be worth all the repetition. And if you are willing to put in some effort and add more quality to the paraphrased article, you can generate quite a value-adding article or paragraph from it.

How much does Quillbot cost?

QuillBot is a free paraphrasing tool. Users can benefit from the free version for as long as they want. It has no free trial time period. But the free version does have some limitations in terms of usage. For instance, there are only three paraphrasing models available for the free version users. The free version also restricts the users with a rephrasing limit of just 500 characters. If the users want to eliminate these limitations, they can subscribe to Quillbot with any one of its premium plans.


WordAI is yet another paraphrasing tool that has made its way up on our list. Students and SEO professionals mostly use this tool, and if you’re either one of these, you must definitely try this software. The simple reason behind such a high use rate is its in-built artificial intelligence.

The WordAI rephrasing tool comes infused with an AI technology, and this technology makes it capable enough to rephrase sentences and articles sensibly. The tool first understands the context and meaning of the original document and then paraphrases it. The result is –  rephrased content – that seems like one written by an experienced writer. The readability of this result is unparalleled as compared to the other paraphrasing sites.

Why should you choose Word AI?

  • The tool utilizes AI to fully understand the idea and meaning of the given text to improve the readability of the paraphrased content.
  • This paraphrasing tool supports four languages – English, Spanish, French, and Italian.
  • The tool has the capability to rephrase up to 1,000 articles at once. This allows the users to rephrase as many articles as they want in just a single upload.
  • If the users want to generate entirely original content, they can do so with the help of this tool. Even without having any content to paraphrase online, users can connect their Article Forge account and generate content as per their requirements.
  • The WordAI also comes integrated with the Perfect Tense tool. This enables the rephrase tool to detect spelling mistakes as well as check grammar.

How much does Word AI cost?

This tool is accessible to users on a payment basis. This paraphrasing tool comes with a 3-day free trial period, after which the user has to subscribe to any one of the plans. If the user doesn’t subscribe to any of the paid plans, they won’t have access to the software anymore.


Article Rewriter Tool is the best online paraphrasing tool if you are looking to rephrase your blog content. It has the provision to rephrase single sentences, short phrases along with an entire article, as its name suggests. The Article Rewriter Tool will help you turn single blog content into many individual blog posts in just a few minutes. Using the Article Rewriter Tool, you can turn the available number of blog posts into twice or thrice the text. This will help you create more valuable and readable content for the same or different blogs.

Why should you choose Article Rewriter Tool?

  • It adds very sophisticated words while paraphrasing the original content.
  • This makes the rewritten text come across as natural and written by a skilled writer.
  • This eliminates the trait of most rephrased sentences that sounds as if a robot wrote them.

Drawbacks of Article Rewriter Tool

It adds very sophisticated words while paraphrasing the original content. This makes the rewritten text come across as natural and written by a skilled writer. This eliminates the trait of most rephrased sentences that sounds as if a robot wrote them.

How much does Article Rewriter Cost? The Article Rewriter Tool does not include any paid plans in it. It is absolutely free for its users for a lifetime or for as long as the rephrase tool is on the web.


Chimp Rewriter is a paraphrasing software that rephrases original text into an SEO-worthy content piece. The tool uses AI and Natural Language Processing (NLP) technology to rephrase the content. The use of these highly advanced technologies creates valuable pieces of paraphrased content.

Why should you choose Chimp Rewriter?

  • It is the only rephrase tool that uses AI combined with NLP to ensure the quality of the online paraphrase content suits all the users’ requirements. Users have the option to paraphrase the content in multiple languages from all across the country.
  • The tool uses the same algorithm to rephrase content used by the search engines to identify copied content posted on the worldwide web. This feature ensures that the tool-generated content is unique and original and passes the plagiarism test.
  • This tool has the capability to automatically include relevant images and videos in the rephrased article that it generates. This feature proves to be quite convenient for the users as it saves time.
  • The tool offers an extensive API that allows the users to integrate their tasks with third-party applications.

Drawbacks of using Chimp Rewritter

One major drawback of this tool is that it is downloadable software that cannot be used to paraphrase online. Moreover, it is only available for Windows devices. Mac users can, however, lay their hands upon it by using a Windows emulator.

How much does Chimp Rewritter cost?

There is a 14-day free trial period that Chimp Rewriter offers. Users can use the rephrase tool for 14 days without paying a penny. However, there are limitations on the access for free users. After the free trial gets over, the users who want to continue using the tool to paraphrase online have to subscribe to it.

spinbot logo

Spinbot is a paraphrasing tool that rephrases content in a simple, straightforward manner. It is an automatic article spinner that rewrites intelligent, readable text. You just need to simply copy the content from a source, paste it in the box and rephrase with a single click. You can also write content directly on the editor and rephrase it with a single click. The Spinbot article spinning tool maintains the original tone of the content, narrative style, and seriousness even while rephrasing the text creatively. 

Why Should You Choose Spinbot?

The best way for a blog or a website to gain exposure is to have a continuous flow of fresh, original, human-readable text in place. It is extremely important for search engine optimization. Spinbot is a vital tool for those who want to market their website or product online as efficiently and quickly as possible. The unique and quality content spun by Spinbot lends your website legitimate web visibility, both in terms of search engine exposure and human readership. Spinbot can rewrite, spin, or paraphrase about 1000 words (or 10,000 characters) instantly. With a single click, you can repurpose your old website or blog post into a completely new one, and there is no limit to the amount of content that can be churned for free. 

DrawBacks of Spinbot

The few drawbacks include the following – 

  • A daily spinning credit of 10K characters. 
  • Unlike its competitors, Spinbot does not deploy AI, ML, NLP, etc.
  • The content spun by Spinbot requires manual correction.
  • The content generated may not pass the Copyscape test.

How Much Does Spinbot Cost?

If you opt for using your browser, you get to do so at $10 per month, $50 for 6 months, and $75 for a year. 


The AI-based CleverSpinner spins your existing content into an entirely new version within no time. All that needs doing is to copy the content, paste it, and click, and bingo! Your content is ready. This easy-to-use feature of CleverSpinner makes it the most used paraphrasing tool. Besides, its basic yet efficient set of features and its cheap pricing plan make CleverSpinner a great option. 

Why Should You Choose CleverSpinner?

CleverSpinner can spin up to 500 words within a matter of seconds. One of the most accessible paraphrasing tools and article spinner preferred by students, researchers, and professionals with basic requirements. This is one of the best tools that strikes a perfect balance between passive and active voice. CleverSpinner offers a deeper level of paraphrasing wherein it converts words, sentences, and paragraphs at all levels. The in-built AI understands the meaning of the words and sentences before spinning them. Due to the AI technology, the users find its content quite readable. 

How Much Does CleverSpinner Cost?

CleverSpinner has a very simple pricing plan, just like its usability. It offers $9.90 per month for spinning your articles. It also offers a 3-day free trial. 


Quite an effective paraphrasing tool, Prepost SEO has an interface that is relatively easy to navigate without complication. The tool works on your content and rephrases it without changing your content’s context or meaning. In order to get started, you can write the text or enter it directly from the source, and it will deliver one of the best-rewritten content with its meaning retained. 

Why Should You Choose Prepost SEO?

The Prepost SEO paraphrasing tool rewrites essays and articles online and prevents plagiarism by rephrasing sentences in a meaningful manner. It is a state-of-the-art paraphrasing tool that replaces sentences and words with appropriate synonyms to rephrase the content. The tool offers to upload files in the text, PDF, or .doc/.docx format without any restrictions. All you get is original content in no time.

Drawbacks of Prepost SEO

  • Vague Database
  • No PDF Downloads
  • Incorrect Plagiarism Checking & Reporting

How Much Does Prepost SEO Cost?

The Basic Plan costs $50, Standard Plan costs $150, and the Company Plan costs $350 per year. 


SEO Magnifier is ideal for content writers, bloggers, or SEO specialists to churn out unique content to promote their products, services, and other online assets. SEO Magnifier delivers quality, and fresh content converted from your original one so that you can use it on social media or other online platforms. The paraphrasing tool helps rephrase essays, articles, research papers, assignments, and web content online. 

Why Should You Choose SEO Magnifier?

The SEO Magnifier tool supports paraphrasing in 7 languages. Not only is it super-fast, but it can also be used without spending a penny and without any plagiarism. The tool is beneficial to rewrite essays, assignments, and articles. Efficient to use, if professional writers wear you out, then it is time to use this fantastic tool to get the best articles written. SEO Magnifier creates content that helps your article to rank on the top of the SERPs.

With this paraphrasing tool, you don’t have to hire expensive content writers anymore. Simply choose a good-quality essay and use the tool to rewrite it, and you get what you want. Your audience would love to read the content this tool churns for you, leading to a wide follower base. It is suitable for both online and offline requirements and saves time.

Drawbacks of SEO Magnifier

The free version of the tool does not offer many features

Content Professor logo

An efficient paraphrasing tool, the Content Professor offers a paraphrasing service that is a favorite among students and scholars. 

The tool generates decent paraphrased content, and because of its web-based nature, one can use it on all devices effectively.

Why Should You Choose Content Professor?

Content Professor generates content with human-like readability using its synonym quality algorithm. With its Copyscape integration, it keeps plagiarism at bay. It is efficient to churn out content in multiple spintax formats. It saves over 100 articles on its servers and permits you to download your content quite easily. It protects key phrases and specific keywords from paraphrasing. 

Drawbacks of Content Professor

The tool does not work without an internet connection and often picks up repetitive ideas from one single article. 

How Much Does Content Professor cost?

You can use Content Professor to churn out up to 5000 characters for free.

The Need of paraphrasing tools

The 4 R’s of paraphrasing include – Reword, Rearrange, Realize, and Recheck. Paraphrasing any given text without the help of an online rephrase tool may require a lot of time and hard work. It requires understanding the meaning of the passage first and then noting down the key concepts. The rephrased content allows you to maintain continuity of style and content in your document. The need for a paraphrasing tool arises when there is an extensive amount of texts to be written in different variations without causing any changes in the meaning of the document altogether. Tools that paraphrase existing content also provide you with a powerful alternative to using direct quotes and phrases. Anyone who wants to create content can utilize a paraphrasing tool to help them speed up. If there is a need to write two different articles on the same topic, these tools can be leveraged. The content pieces can be created almost instantly using the existing content, making the most of the users’ time. A paraphrasing tool is best for helping researchers, scholars, and editors. This tool enables them to make changes and small amendments to a written paragraph or phrase to give it a new structure.


We hope this information was useful, but if you are still confused about which paraphrasing tool you should invest in, opt for Quillbot. Its features and easy-to-use website makes it user-friendly. Apart from that, its native artificial intelligence is the real game-changer. What’s more, Quillbot has a ‘requill’ option that needs to be selected to obtain paraphrased content from the original document. The rewritten text comes up almost immediately and comes up with many changes in very little time. This makes Quillbot the best of all other rephrase tools.

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