Top 10 Social Media Management Tools

Be it social media marketing, advertising, or customer experience, managing an ever-growing list of responsibilities is a challenge for all marketers. From curating and publishing content to taking care of analytics and reporting, it is pretty overwhelming to think of all the roles that a social media marketer plays regularly. 

Thankfully there are numerous social media management tools to streamline workflows, save time and ensure that the content reaches the audience when it should. These powerful tools help small businesses drive traffic to the websites, be in touch with the existing customers and find new ones. But managing different social media channels using consumer apps is not only slow but also time-consuming.

So, if you want to run all your social media handles properly, you need the right tools to manage them better. Social media management tools enable automation, analysis, and better control of your social media handles, so you can direct your focus towards creating great content

These social media management tools can post the same updates on different social media accounts and help you find effective content appropriately. But with so many social media tools out there, how do you choose what is best for your business?

So, we have curated a list of top social media management tools. Read on.











social pilot logo

As a social media management tool that curates and suggests content from several industries, Social Pilot is quite handy for digital marketing agencies. It integrates several other tools such as scheduling and analytics into a simple dashboard for the convenience of a social media manager. Its client management features enable agencies to manage several clients at once. With its robust and easy-to-understand analytics tool, managers can now improve social media efficiency and performance. Social Media managers can now get evergreen and relevant content across the web and deliver it within the account. 

Features of Social Pilot

  • Client Management
  • Content Curation
  • RSS Feeds Automation
  • White Label Solution
  • Bulk Scheduling
  • Browse Extension

Pricing Plan

PlanNo of UsersNo of AccountsPrice
Small Team325$42.5/month
social bee logo

A cloud-based social media management tool, Socialbee is designed to help Social Media managers manage content, scheduling, planning, marketing, audience tracking, and more. Be it Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram, or other social networks, Socialbee includes custom posting capabilities. It enables managers to handle content posting on social pages, profiles, and groups and promote products, services, events, and offers on Google Business. 

Features of Socialbee

  • Brand Tracking
  • Multi-Account Management
  • Content Management
  • Collaboration Tools

Pricing Plan

PlanNo of UsersNo of AccountsPrice
social champ logo

Managing multiple social media accounts is now easy. Social Champ’s cloud-based marketing solution helps streamline social media processes across Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Google My Business, and Linked In. Social Media managers can now utilize the platform to create customizable schedules for posting content and handle recurring posts. It allows them to automate the social media marketing processes, schedule monthly or annual events, upload content on multiple platforms, and more. Managers can also get the team members to collaborate on mutual tasks, manage access rights and monitor performance metrics. 

Features of Social Champ

  • Sentiment Analysis
  • Monitor Analytics
  • Auto RSS
  • Team Collaboration

Pricing Plans

PlanNo of UsersNo of Social AccountsPrice
crowdfire reviews

Discover and schedule content easily with Crowdfire. Marketers can now manage all the social media accounts from a single place. It lets you connect YouTube channels, blogs, online shops and create social media posts for your site. Crowdfire enables you to manage your Twitter account and suggest articles for sharing. The tool allows admins to create tailor-made RSS feeds and preview posts before publishing. 

Features of Crowdfire

  • Customize RSS Feed
  • Curate posts from your blog
  • Image Curation
  • Article Curation
  • Competitor Analysis
  • Hashtag Recommendations

Pricing Plan

PlanNo of UsersNo of AccountsPrice
iconsquare reviews

A social media marketing software, Iconosquare provides access to Instagram analytics to help users grow their followers. It is a mobile-based application. Social media managers can use the tool to schedule their posts well in advance through a web browser. When the time for posting arrives, the tool provides mobile notification on the app. The tool helps social media managers create a visualization of the growth rate of a community on Instagram. It gives a report on the number of followers, gained and lost. Users can manage multiple Iconosquare accounts with the ability to upload photos, videos and apply captions.

Features of Iconosquare

  • Instagram Stories analytics
  • In-depth engagement insights
  • Tags and Mentions Analytics
  • Automate your social media reports in 3 minutes
  • Spy on your competitors

Pricing Plan

PlanNo of UsersNo of AccountsPrice
buzzsumo reviews

BuzzSumo lets you find the trending influencers and most shared content. The tool can analyze content performance, which topic is performing well and which is not. All you have to do is to search for a domain or a topic and get started. BuzzSumo helps social media managers understand the impact on social media and develop better content strategies by gauging the engagement rate. It breaks the results in shares on social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, and Reddit. The benefit is that you get to see which articles are performing well across the web without having to monitor separate social channels.

Features of BuzzSumo

  • Content Discovery
  • Advanced monitoring
  • Chrome extension
  • API

Pricing Plan

PlanNo of UsersNo of AccountsPrice

7. Buffer

buffer reviews

Businesses trust an intuitive and streamline social media management tool, Buffer, agencies, brands, and individuals to drive meaningful engagement on social media. Buffer is highly refined to help social media marketers work more efficiently and effectively. How? Marketers can craft the perfect post for each social media account, plan and publish, all from a single dashboard. Marketers can measure their social media performance, get in-depth insights, get recommendations to grow engagement, reach, and sales. 

Features of Buffer

  • In-depth insights
  • Build a loyal and engaged audience
  • Measure & analyze how the content performs

Pricing Plan

The Free version offers publishing tools for individuals getting started with social media. It is available at $0 per month per social channel, wherein you can manage up to three channels.

The Essentials plan offers publishing, analytics & engagement tools for social media geeks at $5 per month per social channel billed at $60 per year. Free trTry free for 14-days

8. Later

later reviews

While most social media management tools focus on multiple social media platforms, Later concentrates mainly on Instagram. Other platforms such as Pinterest, Twitter, and Facebook can also be connected. It offers a visual content calendar where marketers can easily create posts with the help of drag-and-drop images and schedule them. Later has a free link tool that can be used on the Instagram profile that can be linked to a shoppable Instagram feed or blog posts or websites.

Features of Later

  • Content creation
  • Collect high-quality, shareable photos instantly
  • Track Instagram Story views and engagement

Pricing Plan

PlanNo of UsersNo of AccountsPrice
hootsuit reviews

A frequently used social media management tool, Hootsuite has over 15 million users. It is an all-in-one platform that enables marketers to curate and schedule content, run social media ads, measure ROI, and more. This comprehensive platform allows monitoring multiple keywords and accounts, helps bulk-scheduling social media posts and connects over 35 social networks. 

Features of Hootsuite

  • Creates and schedules posts
  • Manages all of your channels
  • Maximizes potential with a suite of powerful tools
  • Plans upcoming campaigns
  • Analyzes your results
  • Boosts your social reach with employee advocacy

Pricing Plans

Professional₹1260 /mo *
Team₹6600 /mo *
Business₹45000 /mo *
sprout social reviews

Sprout Social is all about real people, brands, and connections. It synchronizes several social media tools into one single platform. The tool carries out social media posts scheduling, monitoring, reporting, and more. 

Having a comprehensive profile of your customers helps you build stronger relationships with them and serve them better. Sprout Social, therefore, provides customer relationship management (CRM) – a feature that very few social media management tools offer. Other than that, social media managers find the ‘Special Reports’ feature quite advantageous. 

Features of Sprout Social

  • Streamlines and scales social monitoring and engagement with a unified social inbox.
  • Plans create, publish social content and campaigns.
  • Drives strategic decision-making with meaningful insights from social data and analytics.
  • Uncover trends and actionable insights from social conversations to develop a better marketing strategy.
  • Amplifies your brand’s reach by sharing curated content across social networks.

Pricing Plans

Standard$89 per user/month
Professional$149 per user/month
Advanced$249 per user/month

Key Takeaways 

Social Media management tools come in all forms, shapes, and sizes. So, if you want to run all your social media accounts efficiently, you need the right set of tools to manage them better.


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